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Subject: 695 Grand Avenue Development Proposal

I am opposed to the development of the Dixie’s/Emmetts/Saji Ya location as proposed. 

I want to:

  • Strengthen and add to existing density and housing options at a compatible scale
    • Add housing density to grow and revitalize Grand Avenue
  • Strengthen and add to economic diversity of housing options Summit Hill
    • Support a mix of multifamily housing choices
  • Strengthen and add to economic vitality of Grand Ave, Summit Hill and Saint Paul 
    • Support small businesses

I oppose:

  • New construction that fails to transition to existing areas of the neighborhood
    • Oversize structures that do not follow existing zoning codes undermine value of existing residences
  • New development that will alter the essential character of the neighborhood
    • Bringing in a building design better suited for suburban areas detracts from the unique character of the neighborhood
  • Establishing a precedent that leads to further projects that degrades the area’s charm
    • Developments need to complement the eclectic nature of the area

The plans fail to protect the character of the Summit Hill neighborhood. 

Please vote against the Dixie’s/695 Project’s requests to be given exceptions from existing zoning codes. 

I want balanced development that respects the historic nature and character of the neighborhood.

Thank you.