7/23/2021: CUP and Variances

The Planning Commission voted to grant the CUP (conditional use permit) and variances for Dixies/695 Grand. The CUP is linked to the rezoning, which, by city ordinance, has to be heard and voted on by the City Council.  There is a 10-day period to file an appeal, therefore any appeal would have to be filed before the rezoning hearing. 


Friends of a A Better LLC Way has filed an appeal.


City Clerk ltr 8-2-21


8/11/2021 3:30 PM: City Council Public Hearing

The City Council is required by law to vote on any and all rezoning matters, as a rezoning is a change to city ordinance. The rezoning is “read” two times at City Council meetings, and then voted on at the third hearing. The third meeting is scheduled for Wednesday August 11th, 2021 at 3:30 PM.


There is currently no live public comment allowed.


The 8/11/2021 rezoning hearing is of outmost importance—please be sure to send in your public comments and encourage others to do so—deadline is Tuesday 8/10/21 12:00 pm.


Voice Mail (Voicemails will be transcribed and attached in writing.)